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Hair Tips From The Best Hair Stylist In White Plains, NY | Igor M Salon

Hair Tips from Hair Stylist in New York

New York is the fashion capital of the world and we interviewed top hair stylists in New York to gather the best tips for making sure your hair looks the most chic. Women only trust their hair stylists in New York when it comes to hair fashion. They give a decent listening ear and are specialists at making customers look glitzy.

That is the reason when hair stylists in New York dole out magnificence counsel, we tune in and take notes. Add these to your beauty routine and be your very own stylist!


Use the Mousse

When you apply mousse amidst your blow-drying step, you can add sheen and volume to your hair without making it firm. Dry your hair a bit, apply mousse, dry and brush somewhat more, and afterward style your hair as you wish. For full, delicate twists, run your hair curler through your hair as required.


Add Rollers

Rollers may look outdated; however, they carry out their job well. An old-school approach to twist your hair to the tips, rollers include lift, cushion, and twist. Dry your hair, roll each segment and let it sit for at any rate 30 minutes. When you expel the rollers, brush out the twists with your fingers.


Know how to wear a hat

Hair stylists in New York understand the importance of a hat in fashion so they have a way for keeping away from destroyed hair. Change the way you part your hair before putting on your cap. For right-side parts, change it to left side, or for center parts, put a section on either side. When you remove your cap, flip your hair back to its typical separating position and you’ll have volume.


Choose the right nozzle

At the point when blow drying your hair, consistently utilize a nozzle to aggregate the warmth at your hair’s root and cuticle. Since you won’t blow hair everywhere, it will assist the hair with looking smooth after you dry it. When you uncover your nozzle from underneath, dry your hair downwards from the root to tip. That goes for whether your turn your hair over or not.


Dry Shampoo can be used to style hair

Showering dry shampoo into your hair will include surface and volume, just as hold your style without the awkwardness of hair splashes. It additionally douses up oils, keeping the scalp free of overabundance oil. Celeb stylists use it to broaden the life of blown out hair. Splash it onto your hair or back rub it at the roots with your fingers.


Control the Heat

To secure your hair when utilizing hot devices like irons or hair curling accessories, utilize the least temperature setting and work on your hair in 2-inch areas. Not exclusively will this fight off harm, yet you can style your hair in less time by working with littler areas of hair.

You don’t need to be prepared to accomplish your hair objectives. Tips like these can have enormous effect by the way you care for your strands whether you hit the salon or are an at-home stylist yourself.

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