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Nigelle ER Hair Treatment

About Nigelle ER Hair Treatment

Nigelle ER Hair Treatment is a hair care remedy which is critical for thermally reconditioning your hair. Nigelle Treatment works together with Nigelle Shampoo to repair your damaged hair and lock in the moisture that makes your hair softer and shinier. This treatment also smoothens out new growth so that your hair can be managed easily. Your hair will always look naturally healthy from roots to ends with Nigelle Hair Treatment.

Furthermore, Nigelle Hair Treatment uses High Penetration Cholesterol and Aqua Amino Phytosterol to repair internal damage to your hair’s softness. Also, Aqua Glutamic Acid Derivative, PE Derivative & Sugar Ester, and form an Aqua Veil is used to smoothen out your hair’s surface and make your hair shine more.

A woman getting her hair done by another person.
A woman is washing the hair of another person.

Igor’s Nigelle ER Hair treatment will immensely benefit you –

  • It revitalizes your hair instantaneously with great results.
  • This is an excellent treatment, especially for people who have dry or damaged hair, frizzy hair & split ends.
  • This treatment was introduced to replace the use of hair conditioners because it gives stronger and more effective results.
  • Regularly applying this treatment will allow your hair to return back to a healthy state of silkiness & smoothness.

How we use it?

  • After shampooing, we lightly remove the excess water from your hair.
  • Then we apply an appropriate amount on the Mask and spread it well.
  • Then we leave your hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse off.

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