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Textured Undercut

Textured Undercut for Kids in White Plains, NY

If you follow men’s or kid’s hairstyles world nowadays then you must have noticed how the textured hair is getting more and more popular. It is pretty simple: apart from the volume, it brings a quickly maintainable hairstyle that looks fashionable. You cannot go wrong with this textured undercut hairstyles.

Everywhere from school to the skate park to the beach and back again, the undercut looks fresh all day long. This high, tight clipper fade keeps your style sharp, while the long top layers give you versatility to get creative. This kid’s hairstyle is perfect for any hair. The fringe is also known as the boy’s bangs, and it sends out a cool image by merely allowing the hair to fall over the forehead. We keep the sides short of delivering volume without stiffness.

This undercut will make any boy look bold and stylish, it is one of the coolest hairstyles out there. The textured undercut is one of the top kid’s hair trends and also one of the best haircuts for boys. It works for every hair type and tames wavy, curly, and thick hair.

A man is cutting the hair of a young boy.
A boy getting his hair cut by a barber

How to get Textured Undercut for your kid’s Hair?

For an otherwise simple undercut, a little light texturing can do wonders. This type of undercut will include a high fade with more texture given to the top hair. The hair will be tousled and slightly frizzy from the front part while it will be much neater at the back. Overall, it’s a unique undercut in demand nowadays. Undercut hairstyles are great for textured hair, especially if you’re considering a slick back, comb over, or brush up look
An essential part of creating a modern textured undercut hairstyle is the cut. Without this kid’s haircut, you will be extremely limited in the hairstyles you want. After you reach our salon for this cut, it’s all about how we use and apply right hair styling techniques.
Because textured styles involve a natural finish with volume, movement, and flow, we all avoid strong hold products that may clump up your hair and stiffen the look. Instead, a medium-hold, low-shine pomade or wax can help us to style your short hair, especially if you want a messy look. Similarly, for medium to long hairstyles that require more volume and flow, we recommend a light to moderate-hold cream.

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