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Keratin Half, Hairline & Bangs

Keratin Half, Keratin Hairline & Keratin Bangs in White Plains, NY

Keratin treatments are not new, but they are becoming a necessity for many women. A Keratin Treatment will not only make your hair extraordinarily straight, but it will also relax your curl, add shine to your hair and remove up to 95% of unwanted frizz. You will find that after a keratin treatment your hair will be shinier, smoother and in much better condition than before the treatment.
How the keratin treatment is done is determined by your hairstyle and your hair texture. You may not necessarily need a keratin treatment on all of your hair. Many of our clients benefit from spot treatments. Keratin Treatment around the half, hairline and bangs are common areas that can benefit from a keratin spot treatment. Keratin half is also a type of spot treatment.

A woman with white hair and wearing black is posing for the camera.
A woman with blonde hair and blue earrings.

If you like the idea of shine and no frizz but are worried about not getting sufficient volume, then the keratin treatment can be applied 2-3 inches away from the root area. This application technique will give you maximum volume while you benefit from shine and beautifully conditioned smooth hair.
Getting a Keratin Treatment right after your color service would be perfect for you. If it is not possible to do your color and Keratin treatment on the same day, then we suggest that you wait two weeks after your keratin treatment before your color service.
All in all, getting a Keratin treatment will be extremely beneficial for you. Please have a look at the advantages of keratin Treatment, which will tell you why IGOR and his professionals recommend this treatment.

Advantages of Keratin Hair Treatment

  • A keratin hair treatment can save much time for women who usually style their hair really straight. This treatment can also shorten blow-drying time by 40-60 percent.
  • With this treatment, the hair remains straight, smooth, and frizz-free even when the weather gets humid. Now, those who have unmanageable hair can say adieu to frizz and roughness.
  • Keratin coats your hair strands and offers protection from sun and environmental damage.
  • Keratin helps in rebounding and strengthening of your hair, which makes your hair strands resilient to breakage.
  • This treatment involves minimal upkeep, this way you get to enjoy luscious soft hair for up to three to six months, depending on the treatment you asked for.

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