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Conditioning Treatments

About Conditioning Treatments

It is a great feeling to wear your hair straight and long, shining with health. But, sometimes, it remains more of a dream than reality. Our hair takes a beating. From hair coloring and ultra-violet rays to straightening irons and hair dryers, there are plenty of reasons why we struggle with dry, damaged, and brittle hair. So what’s the solution? A conditioning treatment!

Conditioning treatments works perfectly on freshly shampooed hair, especially when they’re packed with essential oils and free of alcohol and silicone. For even the most battered tresses, conditioning treatments can repair, nourish, moisturize, and restore hair in just one trip to the salon.

Conditioning Treatments are a sure shot bet for everybody. It is an ideal treatment for nearly every hair type and is the perfect opportunity for you to visit our salon.

A woman with long hair wearing jewelry and posing for the camera.

A Conditioning Hair Treatment

restores moisture and repairs dry, brittle hair. This treatment smoothes out the outer layer of the hair which is called the cuticle and improves its overall health. Picking the right products and using proper techniques are essential for getting the best results from a conditioning hair treatment. So, a trip to IGOR M SALON should be on your agenda so that we give you an in-depth conditioning treatment for your hair.

A woman with long hair is posing for the camera.

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments (also sometimes referred to as masks) usually fall into one of two categories: protein-based treatments and moisture-based treatments.

  • Protein-based deep conditioners prevent breakage, strengthen the hair, and improves elasticity.
  • Moisturizing deep conditioners brings back moisture into the hair.

Deep conditioning treatments feature many benefits. They restore the hair’s natural shine and luster. They also moisturize the scalp, which reduces itching and flaking. Many deep conditioning treatments are designed for color- or chemically-treated hair, which tends to become dry and dull. For women, conditioning treatments provide the ideal solution for frizzy, lifeless tresses by enhancing body and adding softness and shine.

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