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Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

We give the utmost value to womens hair treatments at IGOR M SALON. We look forward to serve you in every way possible.
Your very own Igor M Salon in White Plains, New York, provides an all-in-one Hair treatment solution for all your hair problems. Below are the services that we provide –

  • Keratin Half
  • Keratin Hairline
  • Keratin Bangs
  • Textured Undercut
  • Rio Keratin Hair Treatment

Conditioning Treatments & under Conditioning Treatments we offer:-

  • Olaplex Treatment
  • Nigelle Treatment
Brows & Lashes Treatment In White Plains, NY | Igor M Salon

Keratin Treatments at Igor M Salon will not only make your hair straight, but it will also relax your curl, add shine to your hair and removes up to 95% of unwanted frizz.

Keratin Half, Keratin Hairline & Keratin Bangs are the services that we offer under Keratin Treatment. We suggest you to opt for this treatment right after the color service to achieve the best results.

Rio Keratin Hair Treatment is an innovative procedure that restores health to your damaged hair by reducing the volume and eliminating frizz. This makes your hair more manageable, silkier, and shinier.

Conditioning Treatments restores moisture and repairs your dry, brittle hair. This particular treatment smoothes out the outer layer of your hair, which is called the cuticle and improves its overall health.

Olaplex Treatment is one of the most notable advances in hair technology for years. If we talk about repairing damaged and brittle hair, this treatment is one of the best treatments that Igor M Salon offers.

Nigelle Treatment is a hair care remedy that is critical for thermally reconditioning your hair. It operates together with Nigelle Shampoo to repair your damaged hair and lock in the moisture that makes your hair softer and shinier.

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Conditioning Treatments

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