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Straight Hair

Straight Hair Styling In White Plains, NY

Do you imagine yourself with sleek straight hair? Do you believe that straight hair would add femininity and elegance to your appearance, or are you intrigued by the silky luster of straight hair? Then you are going to love IGOR’s simple ways to straighten hair. Straight hair looks elegant and alluring, no wonder it’s still such an attractive look. Many people experiment with their hairstyles by braiding them up, pin-up, color, and curl their hair. But eventually people discover the powers of hair straightening, and when they do, then they visit our salon in White Plains, New York to get their hair straighten.

Also, if you like to turn the curls on your head into cascades of straight silk without the damaging effect of flat irons? Then, you will be surprised how this look lends itself to so many variations. Just remember, the best way to straighten your hair depends on your style and how long you want the effect to last.

A woman with long black hair and blue eyes.
A woman with long black hair is posing for the camera.

What is the best cut for your straight hair?

When you decide to cut your hair, Straight hair is the most flexible of all hair types; it will work for you most of the times. Now, the best cut truly depends upon the shape of your face. It all works from blunt cuts to razor cuts and bangs to a bob.

How do we add curls to your straight hair?

We can make your hair wavy by blow-drying with a small round brush, or by using heated rollers. If you choose to blow-dry your hair, then we add a volume inducing spray when your hair is soaking wet. Then we air-dry your hair until they are 50-percent dry, then we use a small round brush with our blow-dryer; the smaller, the better. Later, we wrap the individual sections around the brush and use the dryer nozzle to force hot air directly onto the brush. We don’t pull; unwind the brush and let the curl fall into place.

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