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Hair Color


Hair Color services: Red, Brown, Blue, Brown & Balayage

Coco Chanel classically quoted about hair color, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” We get it. It’s a huge deal and applies to color too. Hair is seasonal. It’s common to go short and light in the summer and longer and darker in winter. Experience the best consultation on choices of colors for your hair by hair dressers at IgorMSalon in White Plains, NY.


Single Process hair color for Subtler Change

Single process hair color is applying color (or toner) over your entire head to lift and/or deposit in a single step. It’s perfect for shifting one or two levels, gray hair, or to reinvigorate life into dull color.


Double hair color Process for Significant Shifts

The double hair color process is any two-color method in one session. The first process step is lifting/bleaching your hair. The second is adding pigment back. We have multiple ways to do this: doing full highlights, balayage for naming only a few, and a single color all over your hair.


Hair Color Correction Can Mean Many Things

You likely associate hair color corrections with color catastrophes. However, color corrections aren’t just emergencies. Color correction commonly means taking your color two or more levels either lighter or darker. That’s it. Let’s talk more about what this service is, cost, options, and best products for color treated hair.

Our Products

Partial Highlights for a Subtle Touch or Maintenance

A highlight that’s partial will only be applied to specified parts of your head. Generally, these portions are sides or the top. Also, these treatments cost-friendly and consume less time in comparison to the full highlights.

What Does The Full in Full Highlights Mean?

Full highlights include lightened sections all over from the top of your head to the nape of your neck. This method can produce heavy and dramatic highlights or soft and subtle looks too.

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