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Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair tends to misbehave depending on its texture. To correct this behavior, our stylist will perform a blunt cut, using regular scissors and not thinning shears. A blunt cut doesn’t mean that you can’t have layers. All types of hair should be a little layered, but you still need weight at the bottom of your hair to help control the wave. But even if you love bangs, they are hard to maintain if your hair is curly.

To get a similar look, ask our highly experienced stylist for shorter angles around the face to give the illusion of a long bang. So, the perfect balance between curly hair and straight hair, having naturally wavy hair is both timeless and beautiful. However, just because you were born with enviable natural waves doesn’t mean that your mane will take care of itself.

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Wavy Hair(1)

How do we style your hair to make the most of your waves?

If you have thick curls, then we use cream-based products to avoid frizz. However, gel or mousse work better for fine hair. We also use a diffuser attachment while blow-drying, and part your hair before they start to dry. To add volume at the roots, we flip your hair forward while they are wet and scrunch your curls, then avoid touching your hair until it’s nearly dry. When the hair is 80 percent dry, we scrunch your curls again to make the most of them, and place them where you would like them to fall. But, keep in mind that the more you touch your hair while drying with the diffuser, the more significant and frizzier it will become. We also shake out your curls, and if necessary, we use a blow-dryer to loosen the sections.

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