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Clipper Cut with Brush Back

Clipper Cut with Brush Back Hairstyle For Men

If you are a busy man with little time to fuss over your hair, the Brush Cut may be for you. It’s effortless to maintain, it accentuates your face, while allowing for daily variations.
Clipper Cut with Brush Back is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. It’s a classic. An easy-to-manage cut for the modern, busy guy, it requires minimal styling to keep it looking sharp. Detailed clipper work in the back and sides gives it a clean and bright look. Then short layers are created on top with a clipper-over-comb technique and expertly blended in for a smooth transition.

A durable neckline is carved with the neck trimmer to finish the look. To make your neck look healthy and thick, ask for a square-shaped neckline. For a more slender-looking neck, opt for a round neckline. In short, you can talk to our stylists freely to opt for the look that suits you best. At IGOR’s you are the boss!

clipper cut with brush back

Why should you go for IGOR’s Clipper Cut rather than traditional scissor-cut?

Why shouldn’t our professionals use scissors, and what’s the big difference between them and clipper cuts, you ask? Well, scissors might work well for longer hair and allow for careful control over the length, but clipper cuts are tidier and more manageable. Clippers aren’t overly complicated, and because of their ease and effectiveness at cutting, they became famous for cutting hair in institutional and challenging environments, like in the military. Scroll further to know more about Clipper Cut hair style and why it benefits men more than traditional scissor-cut style.


Our professional stylists adjust the tools they use depending on the texture the client seeks for his new hairstyle. For example, if a client wants wavy, highly textured hair, a stylist might tend to use scissors. Meanwhile, if a client seeks a more traditional look and wishes to keep all of his hair close to the same length, clippers on a consistent length setting is the ideal choice.


When deciding whether to approach a client’s desired look with scissors or clippers, our stylists hold a consultation to learn about the lifestyle of the client and the kinds of occasions he is most likely to attend. Learning more about the events the client must participate in can help us decide between the setbacks of scissors & benefits of clippers. For example, if a client wants a low-maintenance haircut and does not need to capture a particular aesthetic for his job or socializing, a simple clipper cut will be more relaxed for him to maintain and style.


Stylists use the tools to style a cut desired by the client. Meanwhile, When the customers want to keep a buzz cut or go with a style that has low maintenance, clippers are the best choice as they have adjustable settings already.

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