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Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade Haircut: Long, Short, Comb Over & Half Hairstyle

The Mohawk fade haircut combines–you guessed it right, a Mohawk and a fade. This cuts a much gentler appearance, but there’s still a high visibility factor. In some Mohawk styles, the sides of the head are entirely shaved. With the Mohawk fade haircut, the sides are faded to give a neater look.
The Mohawk has endured as a bold, for men for hundreds of years. It has been seen as a respectable symbol worn by North American Indian tribes, as a look of Viking warriors ready for battle, and a successful sign of loyalty of the 1970’s punk movement without fail. However, recently, the classic style has received a modern update in the form of a fade. As striking as the original yet much more current, this updated version is ideal for Millennials out there.
Depending upon the length of the customer’s hair, Mohawk fade has gained recent respect in contemporary lives. It can be styled in different ways as it is. The intensity and color can also be tweaked. So, with these variations, even the basic Mohawk haircuts with a slight fade will earn limelight.

Mohawk fade

Why is Mohawk Fade a trendy hairstyle?

Long on top, tighter on the sides, the Mohawk fade is an on-trend style that keeps going strong. For best results, your hair should usually be at least an inch long. The height of your Mohawk crest will depend on how long your hair is. This will allow for a proper crest with volume. Wear the middle section on the longer side for an edgier look, or keep it shorter. It’s up to you.

However, if you want some help or advice, then the professionals present here at IGOR M SALON will come in handy. But be assured, if you choose this hairstyle, then you are bound to look good!

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