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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for Women In White Plains

All women possess different hair. They are different in length, in thickness, in color, and sharpness. But many women with fine hair would like to have the hair of Indians or Asians. They could grow their hair, but at what price? The growth of hair is 0.5 inches a month. Thus it will take five years to have a 24-inch length. This way, having long hair becomes a utopian dream. Although Hair Extensions are not a unique solution, but it can make your desire to carry beautiful long hair come true in a few minutes. Hair extensions are particular hairpieces developed to provide length to an ‘individual’s hairstyle. They are available in lots of different colors and textures. They may be equated to any ‘person’s hair and created to be fully organic. Hair Extensions consists of all-natural hair or synthetic fibers. You don’t have to worry about adapting a hair extension. We at IGOR use Hair extensions of various qualities to fix your hair. They will allow your hair to have the same length, volume, and colors adapted to your needs. You can then stroke your hair, to feel their vitality, and their silky stalks as if they were a member of you for a long time.

A woman is getting her hair done by another person.

What are the Best Hair Extensions to use?


Clip-ins are weft hair strands that have been sewn together to create the bundle of extensions that are attached with clips to create a versatile, unique look. They should be taken off daily, in any case.

Strand by Strand (Keratin-Tipped or Fusion)

Keratin-tipped fusion hair extensions could last up to 6 months and are a simple way to achieve natural-looking, long hair on any hair. The process is straightforward. It involves using non-damaging Keratin glue, sectioning hair into pieces, and gluing the extensions into the small sections of hair.

Micro-Links or Micro-Beads

Micro-bead hair extensions can offer you an alternative option to sew-ins, keratin, and glue installations. This type of hair extension involves looping extensions through a piece of your natural hair and clamping it at the scalp to secure the hair.

Weave and Sew-ins

This type of extension uses weft hair and braids it into the natural hair in a cornrow-type pattern. Stylists then use a sewing needle to sew a track of hair extensions.

Tape-ons (Skin-Wefts & Invisible Tape-Ons)

This innovative technique involves adding hair extensions on to your hair in small half-inch to one-inch sections that should be interceded in between each section. Tape-ons are easy to remove, and the most affordable option for those who want that red-carpet hairstyle, but at a meager cost.

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