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Fine Hair

Fine Hair Treatment In White Plains, NY

If not styled correctly, thin or fine hair can look thin, flat, and lifeless. Fine hair describes your hair’s texture in terms of the width, diameter, or circumference of the actual hair strands. If you have this hair type, your strands are smaller in diameter, while coarse hair has a thicker diameter.

Also, if you have fine hair, you know it can be both a blessing and a curse. On the flip side, your skinny strands don’t need as much product to coat them. Often, fine hair is naturally silky and smooth and responds to heat styling quickly.
But the downsides, on the other hand, are all too real. If you’re frustrated by all the bombshell blowouts you see on the runway, you’re not alone. But the good news is: with the right routine, care, and products; you can whip your hair into shape!

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Fine Hair(1)

Top Haircuts and Styles for Fine Hair

The foundation for fine hair includes excellent products and a great cut. Generally, the best haircuts for fine hair are shorter in nature. This is because of gravity: if your hair doesn’t have natural volume, extra weight will only weigh it down more. But, even if you’re not willing to sacrifice your length for volume, then you still don’t have to worry; some haircuts make movement and dimension easily possible.
Here are a few ideas for hairstyles:

  • Bob
  • Long bob
  • Long layers
  • Medium bangs (avoid heavy bangs!)

How do we add curls to your straight hair?

We can make your straight hair wavy by blow-drying with a small round brush, or by using heated rollers. If you choose to blow-dry your hair, then we add a volume inducing spray when your hair is soaking wet. Then we air-dry your until they are 50-percent dry, then we use a small round brush with our blow-dryer; the smaller, the better. Later, we wrap the individual sections around the brush and use the dryer nozzle to force hot air directly onto the brush. We don’t pull; unwind the brush and let the curl fall into place.

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