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Corrective Hair Color

Corrective Hair Color services In White Plains, NY

Sometimes blonde hair color can turn brassy after a few weeks due to some factors which are out of your control. Everything from the minerals in your water to sun and chlorine can contribute to the brassiness over time. If brassiness becomes an issue or turns out to be too vibrant, Corrective hair color service can be used to neutralize the hair.

Corrective hair color is a color process that must be performed by a professional hair colorist to correct any damage caused by a color service gone wrong. At IGOR M SALON, we take pride in knowing what it takes to get you back on the right track.
This could mean something simple like you want your hair to be honey blonde and end up with platinum blonde hair. And this could also mean something drastic like a chemical that got left on your hair for too long, which leads to urgent repair treatments. Please note that some corrective hair color processes take more than one session to achieve the desired result.

When should you go for light color?

If you have all over cosmetic color on your hair and you want it a lighter shade, but without highlights, you need a colon cleanse to remove the old color. You can remove Cosmetic hair color only with some color remover, although this can be quite harsh on the hair structure. Also, we would most likely want you to begin with fine highlights in the early stages of correcting.

When should you go for a dark color?

Say when your hair is light, either naturally or highlighted. You were hoping you could go significantly darker. Depending on the porosity of your strands, we would saturate your hair with two different formulas on the same day for a long-lasting result with no chance of fading. The first step will put warm tones in your hair to create a base that supports the new process.

The second step will balance or enhance those warm tones to give a rich and even result. This process shouldn’t be meddled with; otherwise, it could create green, blotchy, or muddy results.

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