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34 s Lexington Ave White Plains, NY 10606, USA

A woman is holding her hair in the back of her head.

Hair Makeover

Hair Makeover for Women In White Plains, NY

A Hair Makeover is one of those quintessential life experiences that every girl or woman needs to go through to see what a world of difference such a simple thing can make to your self-esteem and how you see or portray yourself. So you must be wondering, when do I need to get a hair makeover, and where should I go for a hair makeover? The most straightforward answer to these questions are whenever you feel like it; you can come and visit our salon in White Plains, New York.

A woman with short blonde hair is posing for the camera.

The Perfect Haircut Makeover

The very first thing you need to decide is whether you want to change your cut, your color, or both. Then comes the fun part! Browse through some of the celebrity hairstyles for inspiration for styles that you can see yourself sporting. You can look at celebrities whose hair you love and look up hashtags of the styles you want to try and explore all your options. Once you do that, come to our salon for a Hair Makeover, as soon as possible. An important thing to keep in mind here, though, is to be realistic about what kind of cuts and colors will work with your natural hair texture, type, and color. Don't worry, our highly experienced and professional stylists will guide you throughout your Hair Makeover process.

A woman getting her hair done by another person.

IGOR’s Hair Stylists won’t disappoint you

To get the hair of your dreams, just pick our hairstylist who can help your vision become a reality. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed by your selection. Our professional stylists have a great way to find out which specific style will suit you best and then work towards changing your hair. You could also check out our website to see what kind of work we do. We suggest you take time to zero down on an exciting & trendy style and then grant us the power to provide you with a brilliant Hair Makeover.

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