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What Is a Color Correction and Why Do You Need It

Have you ever heard about the phrase “hair color correction” before? Perhaps you’ve had one done previously and wonder why it was so costly? Here is everything you need to know.

So what is hair color correction? There are various types of color corrections; however, the two most basic color corrections are making incredibly dull hair a lot lighter and making truly light hair a lot darker. Have you at any point gone into the salon after you colored your hair with box color and requested to be extremely blonde? Making hair blonde after a dark color on your hair isn’t so easy as you may think. 

Hair Color Correction


Your hair should be bleached to get you to the ideal level. However, it’s not as basic as tossing some detergent on and leaving. In case of box dye, your hair will be increasingly inclined to lift, with red/orange tones, or lift unevenly. (Nobody needs orange stripes in their hair!) The hairstylist then needs to utilize more color over that to offset any undesirable tones to get to your ideal color. 


If you’re bleach blonde and need to go for a darker color, the beautician should fill your hair with a color like a red, as blonde hair doesn’t have any shade, and afterward put the ideal tone over the filler after it’s washed out. If you’ve at any point attempted to put a dark color on your light hair, and it cleaned out on first wash, that would be because your hair doesn’t have any deep tones for the dark color to hold onto!

Some hair color corrections are significantly simpler than others, as some should be possible in one sitting while others can take a long time to achieve! Usually, color correction is costly, tedious, and may harm your hair.


How Do You Know if You Need a Color Correction? 

Have you at any point taken a significant risk on new hair color to discover that you don’t really like it, or it doesn’t go well with your skin tone? Or perhaps you took a gander at your hair color two or three weeks after you had it done and felt that your blonde has turned out to be overly brazen, or your brunette is somewhat redder than you’d like? You may require color correction. 


As far as blonde being somewhat brazen and brunette demonstrating slightly red, you might have the option to fix that with a toner, where your hairstylist may feel that a coating is sufficient to correct those little imperfections in your hair color. 


Thus, if your hair color isn’t what you needed, consult with an expert and let them decide if you need a color correction. Your hairdresser may likewise suggest getting deep conditioning to help turn around the damage that occurred by coloring your hair. 


Another approach to get some life again into excessively damaged hair is to go for a Keratin treatment! Ask your hairstylist about what keratin treatments would work best for your hair surface, and make sure not to overuse it!

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