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Know everything about hair extensions in Westchester

The greatest technique to achieve long, magnificent locks is to take care of your natural hair, never use heat styling, and never colour it… But who wants to go through that? Rather than becoming a prisoner to their hair, more women are opting for hair extensions to add lush volume and mermaid length.

Hair extension sales surged to 1.25 billion in 2018 as a result of this surge in popularity, and they are predicted to rise another 20% by 2022! However, once a product becomes popular, a deluge of misinformation follows. Some businesses even deceive customers looking for high-quality hair extensions.


Spotting Quality Extensions: How Do Hair Extensions Work?

When looking for a reputable hair supplier, there are a few things to look for. Be wary; not every company is completely honest about the quality of their hair.


Hair extensions in Westchester – What Exactly Does Remy Hair Mean?

Many firms may claim that their hair is made entirely of Remy hair, but what exactly does this mean? Remy hair is real human hair that has been gathered with all of the roots at the top and the ends at the bottom. Remy hair can be treated as if it were sprouting from your scalp. It can be washed, coloured, and heat styled, and it lasts considerably longer than synthetic hair! Non-Remy hair tangles and sheds with time, whereas authentic Remy hair does not. Look for recent evaluations from other customers to ensure your source has 100%  Remy hair (with no synthetic hair mixed in at all).


Application Method for Hair extensions in Westchester

Another factor to consider is which application method best fits your lifestyle.

 1. Hair Extensions Tied

The “old-school” method of applying semi-permanent hair extensions involves the stylist tying hair wefts to attached micro braids. Though this process is most commonly used on natural hair, extensions can also be sewn into finer, straighter hair.

 2. Hair Extensions That Are Tape-In

This is the most recent type of semi-permanent hair extension, and most hairdressers like it. Two thin layers of wefts are sandwiched between your natural strands before being heated to solidify the link. To ensure the bond is secure, do not wash the hair for 3 days following installation.

As with any semi-permanent extensions, you will need to spend some time caring for your hair to keep it looking fashionable, but you can still go to the gym or the beach!

  3. Hair Extensions That Clip In

This is the hair extension style to choose for women who like to freshen up their hairstyle every other night. In just a few minutes, you may go from voluminous mermaid waves to a lovely bob, or add a few wefts of colourful clip-ins for a funky “night on the town” appearance. With clip-ins, the possibilities are unlimited!


The Advantages of hair extensions in Westchester

While anyone may clip in and remove hair extensions, only a skilled hairdresser can cut them to match your natural hair. Otherwise, you may be able to distinguish between your own hair and the extensions. Another red flag is when the extensions do not match the colour of your hair. Who better to know what colour your hair is than the colourist? Even if you have virgin hair, a hairdresser can custom colour your Remy hair extensions to be an exact match based on the unique blend of shades in your hair.


Welcome to Igor M Salon, voted the Best Hair Salon in White Plains, NY by the media and our devoted customers. Our award-winning team will provide you with a rich salon experience for fashionable hair styling, haircuts, and hair care. Igor Musayev, our master stylist who was trained by the great Louis Licari, advises you on the finest appearance for your face. Igor can be picky about hair tips depending on whether it’s frizzy, wavy, curly, or fine. Men and women come long distances to obtain the best hair guidance from our stylists. The Salon provides a wide range of treatments.

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