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Men Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions For Men

Thanks to the miracle of modern science and IGOR M SALON, luxurious locks once reserved for rockers, and the covers of books can belong to any man. Yes, you guessed it right. New York City is now home to hair extensions for men.
Hair extensions are a good option for men. When you hear about men’s hair extensions, you probably think of women’s hair. But, the fact is that hair extensions for men are becoming more & more popular. Extensions are not only a boost of confidence, but just like women’s hair, it helps us to change a person’s look dramatically.

The process is simple. The hair used for extensions comes in bundles with glue on one end. Then we heat the adhesive and affix it to a client’s real hair. It doesn’t take long to finish putting up your extension. We let you step out of the chair in about an hour looking like a modern-day rock star, which you are.

Hair Extensions For Men | Igor M Salon
Hair Extensions For Men | Igor M Salon

We always choose the right extensions for your hair

We have expertise. So, we always help you to land the perfect look. The most crucial thing to consider is the color of the extensions. There is always a possibility of dyeing your natural color to match the extensions you choose. You can also color your natural hair to match the extensions that you purchase from us.

If you’re using the extensions to add depth to your natural hair, you don’t have to match the colors. It’s easier to use a contrasting color if they are used as highlights. There is also the option of using a brightly colored hair extension if you want your look to be bold.

Maintenance and Quality Of Hair Extensions

We suggest that when you purchase hair extensions for men, you should be aware your extensions will require a considerable amount of support. High-quality pieces of hair extensions, such as those made from human hair, can be less prone to tangles and may not require as much maintenance. Lower quality extensions won’t last as long and will require more maintenance to keep them looking natural. So, we suggest buying only high-quality hair extensions.

Although human hair extensions might be considerably expensive, the cost evens out over time. If you plan on blow drying your extensions, using mono-fiber or thermo-fiber hairpieces are necessary to withstand the heat. These considerations are the same if you are planning to use a flat iron as well. Don’t worry, though; we’ll always be there to maintain and upgrade your hair for you.

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