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Methods of hair extension in Westchester

Finding the best hair extension in Westchester for your hair type can be a tough task. Every woman wants to look younger than her actual age and therefore hair extensions help their hair to look fuller and more voluminous.

Hair extension in Westchester

There are two methods of hair extension:-

1. Strand by strand method:-This method uses approximately 30 – 40 strands of hair, attached at one end using glue, keratin, or polyurethane. These extensions are attached to small pieces of the wearer’s hair using a warm or cold fusion. Strand by strand systems is often referred to as a keratin bond, nail tip, flat tip, or micro links. Bonded strand by strand is attached to the hair using a heating element. The hair is placed between the U-tip and sealed with a hot extension tool that melts the Keratin glue which is rolled into the hair. The best bonds are attached close to the root allowing for a little space for movement. Volume applications use between 100 – 150 strands whereas length can require as many as 300 strands. The number of strands will depend on the amount and length of the wearer’s hair, the desired look, and length. The cost for this method of hair extensions depends on the brand, how many strands are added, and in which city they’re applied.  Strand by strand is typically the most expensive method due to the lengthy application time.

2. Weft extensions:-   There are three types of wefts available, machine-made, hand-tied, or injection molded.  Wefts vary in size from 1″ to 60″ but can be of any length and are applied to the hair as panels in rows rather than as individual strands.  Wefts can be applied using tape, clips glue, or the sewn-in/braided method. Tape in hair extensions is the newest method of extensions available.   Polyurethane coated wefts/panels with double-sided tape attached ranging between 1″ – 4″ long is applied on either side of the wearer’s hair “sandwiching†the user’s hair between two panels.
Hence these are the two methods that are mostly used in executing hair extensions in Westchester that the girls should go for.

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