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Things To Keep In Mind Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Before you cut your hair off, keep in mind that during situations when you are running short of time and need quick fixes, long hair is easy to handle. You can make a quick messy bun or throw in a braid and you are set. But with short hair you do not have this liberty. You will have to wash, and blow dry them regularly and there are almost no quick fixes available. Before you go in for your favorite bob cut, ensure that you are committed to wash and style them regularly.

It is a smart thought to think about the season as well. A short haircut in White Plains is a good idea right now. With fall approaching and winter on the way, now is the perfect time to get a short haircut in White Plains. Cutting off your hair before summer can leave you sweat-soaked with no easy way to pull back your hair out of your face and off of your neck. Nonetheless, during fall and winter, short hair is wonderful as it won’t get tangled up in your scarves, you can put on a beanie if it’s somewhat oily, and you won’t overheat if you can’t put it up in a pig tail.


Short Haircut | IGOR M Salon

Getting Ready On The Day Of The Haircut

Many of us our emotionally attached to our hair and such drastic changes in hairstyles can be difficult to handle. Make sure you visit the salon when you are feeling good and confident about yourself. The haircut can be as nerve-wrecking as it is liberating. If you feel that you may change your mind, bring a friend along to boost up your morale and keep you motivated.

To make sure things don’t go wrong, bring several pictures of the haircut you desire. It is better to get pictures from multiple angles so that you stylist knows exactly what you want. It is also ok to ask the stylist to choose a haircut that compliments your face. However, be prepared for the outcome. Short hair can range from a pixie cut to a blunt bob and mostly there is no going back.


When Is It Not A Good Time To Get An Absolutely New Haircut

You can always go for a haircut that you like. However, there may be times when you should hold off from getting that pixie for some time.

Right before you wedding will not be a very good time to get a short haircut. Not that short hair doesn’t look good, it is that it limits the hairstyles you can get on your wedding day. Wedding days are extremely stressful, and you do not want something as important as your hair giving you trouble on the most important day of your life. With longer hair you have the option of trying multiple hairstyles that compliment your face as well as your dress.

Sometimes when people are going through hard times, getting a short haircut feels like a change from regular routine which they want to run from. However, chopping your beautiful hair is not the right way of dealing with these feelings. If you get impulses to cut your hair, consult a friend or a professional who can help you better here.

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