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Igor M Salon

Keratin Treatment For Best Hairs In White Plains, NY | Igor M Salon

Types of Keratin Treatment

Keratin is the protein present in the hair making it strong, glistening and shiny. Wavy and curly hair are deficient in keratin making the hair dry and crimped. In the event that your locks are difficult to tame, keratin treatment can be the solution for your concern. Hair keratin treatment essentially returns protein to your hair making them strong again. Straight hair have more keratin and therefore have more shine. Keratin rectifies your hair making it less frizzy, smooth and brilliant. Keratin treatments are regularly done at Igor M Salon. On the off chance that, you are short on cash, you can do your very own keratin treatment at home.

Types of Keratin treatment

Brazilian Keratin

This keratin treatment wipes out frizz and smoothens your hair. It keeps the hair volume unblemished. This is most appropriate for individuals with in wavy hair which gets uncontrollable in humid conditions. The treatment is bonded to your hair by the hair stylist. At that point your hair is blow dried, a metal plated round brush is utilized to enable it to sink into your hair. After that, a flat iron is utilized to guarantee the treatment gets fixed into your hair. The entire procedure takes around 60 minutes. The impact of the treatment keeps going somewhere in the range of a quarter of a year to a half year. The Brazilian keratin treatment is without formaldehyde.

Soft Keratin

The delicate keratin treatment tenderly helps get rid of frizz. It makes the hair smooth however keeps the waves and curls as is. It is suggested for fine or medium textured hair. It is applied from the root of the hair to the tip. The treatment is bonded by utilizing a blow-dryer and ceramic flat iron. It goes on for around two months.

Japzilian Keratin

This treatment consolidates Brazilian keratin treatment with Japanese hair rectifying treatment hence the name. This treatment endures almost five months longer than Brazilian treatment for all hair types. In the first place, the Brazilian keratin is applied and fixed with a blow dryer and artistic level iron. After this, the Japanese fixing perm is connected with a brush. It is applied twice on coarse strands. Following an hour when it is set, the hair is washed and blow-dried again. Three to four hours are required for this treatment.

Keratin Express

This treatment is utilized for short term solution. It is helpful for those individuals who have wavy or straight hair that become frizzy because of humidity and are hard to tame. Keratin in serum structure is applied to the hair and bonded with a blow dryer and ceramic flat iron. Using a keratin-based sulfate-free shampoo on alternate days helps to prolong the duration of the treatment typically up to six weeks.
Keratin treatment for hair is safe to use as they contain natural components. Different fixings and synthetic substances can make an issue. So pick your keratin treatment cautiously as adding moisture to your hair can help in prolonging the impacts of the treatment.

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