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Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing Tips In White Plains, NY

If it’s your first Brazilian Bikini wax, make sure the hair is long enough for the wax to grip. We usually recommend anywhere from 3-6 weeks of hair growth for the best results possible with your wax. We won’t lie. The first time is always the worst.

But if you keep it up and stay away from your razor, you will love us forever! This is because those hair follicles will get killed off after being pulled out. The new hair will come back in softer and finer after each wax service you take. This simply means the next wax will be less painful!

Brazilian Waxing

What all you need to know about Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is our most popular service at Igor M Salon in White Plains, New York. A Brazilian wax is when all your hair is eliminated from the front and back in the bikini area. You can also opt to leave a landing strip or a triangle in the front if you don’t want to go all bare. What makes the Brazilian Waxing procedure different from the bikini waxing (full) is that we added the butt strip in the back. Many clients are nervous about getting this part of their body waxed, but trust us when we say. It is fantastic! The back is much easier to handle compared to the front. Having this done perfectly at the end of the bikini wax is like the cherry on top of a perfect Sunday. Our clients love the Brazilian because we remove the hair in the least painful way possible, while efficiently doing the job. 15 minutes later, and you are home free!

A Brazilian waxing offers longer-lasting pubic hair removal. Many women opt for Brazilian waxes instead of shaving their bikini area to avoid cuts, nicks, and razor burn. Plus, since waxing removes the hair from the root, it does not grow back as quickly, when compared to shaving.

During a Brazilian waxing, aestheticians at Igor M Salon will apply hot wax, using a wooden spatula, to your pubic hair. Then she will employ a cloth to remove the wax and your hair. Once the waxing procedure is complete, stray hairs will be eliminated with a tweezer.

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