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Nostril Waxing

Nose & Nostril Hair Waxing

Getting your nose & nostril hair waxed at Igor M Salon, might not be something you think or have ever thought about getting done before. Since we can’t always notice them, it’s very common to forget about when going in for your monthly wax appointment.

Though you may be thinking that tweezing these delicate hairs is the last thing that you want to do, give it a second thought. Those annoying nose hairs and those tears (from tweezing) can be removed with a quick and straightforward nose hair waxing.

Nose & Nostril waxing is quick, easy, and extremely addicting once you get started.

Nostril Waxing(1)

How Do Our Experts at Igor M Salon Do It?

Estheticians at Igor M Salon will apply a ball of wax to the end on a wax stick and gently spin it around the inside lower end of each of your nostrils. Once the wax is completely dry, our professionals will pull it out as fast as possible. Astonishingly, it doesn’t hurt too much but is more of a shock than anything else. We try to make waxing as painless as possible; this way, you continue to come back again & again.

Another thing to remember is that we don’t wax all of the hair out of your nose. We understand that hair is there for a purpose, and we only focus on waxing out what is necessary. Many clients sense that they can breathe much better after the treatment. They also feel more confident knowing they don’t have any nose hairs poking out.

A lot of our clients who wax their nose will also wax their ears as well. At Igor M Salon, we want our customers to feel like the best version of themselves. So give nose & nostril hair waxing a shot, you won’t regret it!

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