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34 s Lexington Ave White Plains, NY 10606, USA

Shoulder & Neck

About Shoulder waxing

Shoulder waxing is typically a service that will help you on every step with a neck wax. We know that not having any unwanted hair for more than a month is superb and for sure addicting! The process is fairly simple and attractive as it leads to lighter hair growth with thinner density.

Our experts at Igor M Salon always practice the wax in the direction of the natural hair growth so it won’t get broken off in the process. This allows the hair to be successfully pulled from the root & keeps it from growing back for a more extended period. It also helps the service to be less painful since we are not pulling out hairs from different directions.

It makes sure that your favorite hair is blended with ease. This wouldn’t make you feel weird with the unwanted waxed hairline. In brief, the Estheticians working at Igor M Salon are experienced, licensed, and take care of every neat waxing need.

About Neck Waxing

Neck Waxing at Igor M Salon can be really beneficial. A lot more men are now turning to neck waxing instead of just getting it trimmed every time they go in for a haircut.

They also enjoy not having to deal with that annoying stubble that happens when you shave. Can you imagine how hard it would be to try to shave that area? The results of waxing at Igor M Salon are much more effective & less hair will grow back each time you get it waxed. Waxing is much faster & lasts so much longer. As long as the hair is 1/4th of an inch long, we can help you.
For immediate neck waxing or any other body waxing in White Plains, New York, click here.

Please do give us a call whenever you are in need of any appointment for the body waxing services, including shoulders, arms, or any other body part. We are easily accessible to you in New York’s White Plains. So, whether you want this service for yourself, or for a partner, Igor M Salon has you covered!

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