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50 pixie cut hairstyles 2020 | Igor M Salon

50 Popular Pixie Cut Hairstyles 2020 you will Instantly Adore

So, the time has come, and you’re contemplating your next big hair move. As far as hairstyle trends go, pixie cuts top the charts. A pixie cut is one of the most life-changing haircuts you can get. A simple thing like cutting off your long hair for a pixie cut can make you feel fresh and look like a new whole person.

One appealing aspect of pixie haircuts is that they are ridiculously easy to wear. This style is a classic choice for the enthusiastic woman with an edgy yet vintage appeal, with advantages like maintenance. And all pixies are not short; the long pixie features layered hair on the top, so when you sleep, the tapered hair on the sides and the back of the head are not compromised.

Here are some classic looks for you to consider. Take a look and get inspired –

Short Pixie Cuts

short pixie haircut min 2020 - IGOR M SALON

1. Classic Pixie Cut

This classic short pixie cut is timeless. Following the main features of the crop, this idea has short hair on the sides and back and a slightly longer top. Also, such cuts get on well with bangs.

2. Very Short Pixie with Side Bangs

Bangs aren’t always a full portion of hair that falls on your forehead and hides your eyebrows. The truth is, nowadays, bangs can be anything you want them to be. So if you are about to diversify your classic short pixie and add it a bit of an edge to it, this tiny, choppy fringe is a must for you to try.

3. Chic Textured Short Pixie

In case you would like the world to have a look at what you are standing here for, this is precisely what you need.

4. Daring Shaggy Short Cut

While watching Shaggy as he was chasing after Scooby Doo’s snacks, who would have thought that a fantastic variation of his haircut would become so popular among women? A shaggy haircut with sweeping bangs across your face and angled layers is a great short pixie, especially for women with a long face.

5. Asymmetrical Short Pixie Cut

The asymmetrical pixie cut looks sassy and fun. Also, if you spice it up with a fringe and sweep it to the side, you will achieve a different than yesterday look.

6.  Punky & Spiky Pixie

Believe it or not, there are punk pixie cut ideas that can both reveal your rebellious soul and show off your feminine side.

7.  Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

A pixie cut is a way to go when looking for a short hairstyle for thick wavy hair. Plus, the texture of wavy hair looks superb in this haircut as the volume is already present.

8.  Short Edgy Pixie with Undercut

Short Edgy Pixie with Undercut outlines the longer top of your cut, putting your edgy pixie cut in the spotlight.

9. Soft Textured Pixie Cut

The minimalist version of the textured crop leads the chart of all the cute pixie haircuts we could ever imagine.

10. Very Short & Spiky Pixie Cut

Ladies who think that terse pixie haircuts can hide up your femininity, meet the super short and spiky pixie that will make you change your mind!

11.  Short Pixie Cut with Long Layered Bang

“Ooh, la la!” is all we can say when we see this pixie cut with long bangs. Your entry into any room will make a statement with this hairstyle that looks great not just for blonde hair like in the pic, but also for any other hair color.

12. Wavy Pixie with Layered Bangs

Wavy pixie with layered bangs gives a soft texturizing at the ends, and slight layering will create magical movement to your little locks, notably if you focus on bangs.

13. Volumizing Layered Pixie with Long Bangs

This is one of the pixie haircuts with bangs that are meant for girls with thin hair. There’s no need to tell you how troublesome styling weak, fragile locks can be: all you need is to keep your hair voluminous.

14.  Straight Short Pixie with Side Bangs

Here’s one more thing to learn about bangs. They shouldn’t always overlap your forehead or fall on your sides to frame your cheeks. Also, you can make it a part of your top to make your hair appear thicker.

Long Pixie Cuts-

long pixie haircut-min 2020 | IGOR M SALON

15.  Long Pixie with Thin Fringe

The long pixie cut with bangs hits the area around the ears and features a very voluminous crown. Undoubtedly, with such a cut, the sense of fullness will always be with you.

16.  Volumetric Long Layered Pixie

A layered pixie cut is a perfect way out for those whose hair is thinner than you would like it to be. The more layers, the more volume. Isn’t it something you have been dreaming of? When we look at this style, we can’t even imagine that this girl used to have thin hair troubles. Can you?

17.  Long Pixie Bob with Side Swept Bang

If you are looking for an extended pixie cut that will bring out all of your attractive facial features, then we know what you need. A voluminous crown, edgy silhouette, and a refined overall look; who could ask for more?

18. Tapered Long Pixie with an Elongated Fringe

Want something versatile and face-flattering at once? Look no further! This cut works great for those with thicker hair, especially if you want a casual do that’s low maintenance but super-stylish.

19.  Layered Choppy Pixie

It seems like choppy haircuts know no limits: there are so many ways to create a carefree, I-don’t-care look! This cute cut works great for those with wispy locks. With its finely chopped layers, it adds a whole lotta volume. To make it even more win-win, subtle highlights will help to add texture, as well.

20.  Shaggy & Layered Pixie

How about some short, staggered layers that can add both texture and body to your thin hair? If you have wispy hair, you know that your thinner locks tend to have a mind of their own.

21.  Retro-Inspired Long Pixie Cut

At first sight, this fun cut with its longer sides and top adds a ton of volume. But once you have a closer look at it, you will see that this look is almost a throwback to the famous Dorothy Hamill do of the 1970s. As a result, it captures a retro look with a modern flair of color, which is a fantastic way to experiment with styles and shades!

22.  Long Wispy Pixie with Deep Side Fringe

Those who like relaxed, effortless-looking styles shouldn’t pass by this wispy, a bit messy pixie cut. Ask for longer layers in the front and a deep side part, and you’ll look like you just walked off the beach with this sexy style! Besides a carefree feel in your hair, you will also have confidence bursting inside you. All in all, that’s how being a stylish woman feels like.

23.  Curly Long Pixie with Shaved Side

The side shaved variation with under layer of the hair and loose curls right in the front is dramatic and edgy at the same time. You can get just one or both sides tapered. Also, this hairstyle is super easy to maintain.

24.  Long Straight Pixie with Side Undercut

Pixie cuts can be different, but you can make it more contemporary! Shave the sides, adding some undercut vibes to your cut, and style your hair straight to finish it with precision.

25.  Chic Pixie Undercut + Line Design

Feels like your inner rebel has taken you over? Show it off with this sassy pixie, then! It’s so fun with its disconnected layers and shaved streaks that add a bit of daring glamor. This style also has some benefits; this time, it’s about those with oblong faces.

26.  Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

The sharp angles of shaggy cuts can turn even the weakest locks ever into a magnificent, nicely-looking chevelure.

27.  Wavy Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Waves + asymmetrical body = the most eye-catching and voluminous pixie you couldn’t even dream of! It just so happens that a couple of whirls with your curling wand can take any haircut to a whole new level. To make your pixie cut styles look fabulous, give it some wavy movement.

Sassy Pixie Cuts-

Sassy Pixie Cuts-min 2020 | IGOR M SALON

28.  Two-Toned Pixie with Soft Balayage

This two-toned look is very trendy right now. If you want to tone it down a bit to keep it more professional, you can use a subtle balayage effect. But in case you are feeling bold, you can opt for more dramatic colors.

29.  Fireball Layered Pixie

Well, this is the combination of a layered cut in pixie length with hair color that will catch everyone’s attention. Opting for such layers is a great idea for women who are looking for a pixie cut for thick hair.

30.  Deep Brown Pixie Cut

Brown hair with naturally deep brunette undertones can be even more standout if you pair it with a pixie cut with long bangs and short sides.

31.  Layered Grey Balayage

A deep side part looks fabulous with short layered haircuts like this. The length starts to taper off as we move from the front of the head to the back, making it perfect to be styled with side partition.

32.  Pink Punky Pixie

The pink pixie cut is taking the arena of short choppy pixie haircuts by storm. Color like this is a great way to style the short layers in your haircut.

33.  Cool-Toned Rainbow for Pixie

Opt for this colorful cool-toned rainbow the next time you want to color your hair. A long pixie for thin hair can be made to stand out with the right combination of colors. Subtle layers can also add some volume to your locks.

34.  Sweet & Deep Cherry Tones on Pixie

If you want daring color for your hair, but you are too apprehensive about going ‘all red,’ try this beautiful burgundy color instead. It has the right balance of deep red and cherry pink that looks sassy with the dark roots without making the pixie cut with straight bangs look gaudy.

35.  Pixie Cut with Copper Short Layers

Bold hair color is not for everybody! But, if you want to step out of your comfort zone, copper hair for your short pixie cut is a great option. Leave the layers long to transform the cut into a long pixie cut with bangs. Style it messy for a day out with friends or in a slicked back, and side-swept style for work.

36.  Side-Swept Platinum Blonde Pixie

Just like everyone’s favorite side-swept pixie, platinum blonde isn’t going ever to leave the fashion world! So combine these two ageless trends to create a look that will be catching eyes and making heads turn.

37.  Straight Sandy Pixie Cut

A sandy blonde shade that embraces hints of brown and neutral light vibes is something that your summer pixie can’t do without. As we told you before, the right color combination is enough to see your trendy pixie cut in a new light full of dimensions and dynamics.

38.  Side-Parted Pixie with Blonde Highlights

When you want to take your cut to the next level, add tons of dynamics, volume and movement. But, nothing will work better than highlights. Not only do they enhance the natural flow of hair visually, but they also make the look more alive. If you’re a light brunette who needs to freshen things up, don’t soft blonde accents running though the top will do the trick.

39.  Short Layered Pixie with Undercut

Rocking a customized pixie is enough to stand out in the crowd, especially if you highlight the top through the contrast of shaved sides. Once you let an undercut into your styling life, you will make your head appear even fuller and more voluminous.

40.  Tousled Layered Pixie

The best thing you can do with your layered pixie, whether it’s wavy, curly, or straight, is to give it as much tousling as you can! Layered hair looks very defined and distinctive, which emphasizes all hair patterns and gives it an original look. If you already have a layered pixie, all you need is to buy a salt spray for messy hairstyles. Give your damp hair a coat of spray, scrunch your hair, and run your fingers through it to create the needed messy touch.

41.  Black Straight Pixie with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs aren’t as predictable as you think! In fact, with the right haircut accompanying this type of fringe, it can show its modern side, stepping out of its popular picture. For example, most women are used to thinking of a blunt fringe as a one-length drastic element of a haircut. And here, you can see how it can become a unique complement to a pixie cut, adding a slight level of hair and finishing the look with a textured structure.

42.  Blonde Messy Short Pixie

Texture matters, girl. Moreover, texture is what can give your haircut, no matter what it is, a unique appearance that will add character to your hair. When getting a pixie, don’t forget to ask your hairstylist to give your cut a textured finish that will suit you best. By the way, this messy blonde pixie is what every woman should try in her life: not only does it look fresh and modern but also brings tons of volume, which is a win for fine locks.

43.   Punky Silver Pixie Cut

Show this pic to everyone who claims that short haircuts are doomed to having only one look! Once you set your creativity into motion, you can customize your pixie from so many different perspectives that you will never get bored with your short locks. And here’s one of the thousands tomboy inspired ideas for those who love looking sharp and punky: the sides are tapered so that the top looks outlined, allowing for various styling options.

44.  Long Messy Shaggy Pixie

When there is a pixie, there are no rules. You can wear it up, down, to the side, with a flip on the top or with spikes on the front. For some reason, women don’t wear it down very often, so if you want to try something new with your pixie cut, you can give this idea a try. It will work wonders for girls who struggle with always-falling-flat hair, as layers will provide the needed lift and texture. And last but not least, such a hairstyle is the best way to show your prominent forehead who’s boss.

45.  Brown Layered Pixie Cut

Sometimes a short layered haircut is enough to unleash the beauty of your brunette locks. First off, when your hair is shorter, it shows up from a new perspective in terms of texture, as it gets lighter. Second, on short hair, layers have a more significant visual impact, giving some dimension and dynamics as a finish. Plus, they make thick hair routine easier, taking off the extra weight from the unruly locks.

46.   Side-Swept Long Pixie Cut

Just like women, pixie cuts can have any moods. When you want to turn into a sophisticated lady who appreciates the latest fashion twists while sticking to your style, a pixie comes in. You can let the top grow long, keeping the sides at a moderate length and thus getting a perfect length for endless styling options. One of the easiest and exquisite ideas would be this side-swept pixie. Its versatile length is a canvas for countless hairstyles, which can be done using some texturizing products.

47.  Long Wavy Pixie Cut

Waving the top of your pixie is enough to be ready for all significant events when you need, no, you have to be on point! Since there’s a variety of wavy patterns to choose from, you won’t feel like you have nothing to wear. Sweep your hair to the side, give each lock a pass of a curling wand, spritz the bouncy texture with hairspray, and leave your home with a big look.

48.   Messy Straight Pixie with Golden Highlights

Another new take at the pixie cut. Here, it’s super short, straight, and highlighted. Of course, it’s not a styling decision; you will need to ask your hairdresser to shape your pixie so that it falls straight like bangs. Also, as told by many colorists, women who wear pixies like this should try spicing them up with bright balayage. In this way, you will enhance the natural movement of your straight hair, as well as freshen up your natural hair color.

49.  Asymmetrical Lilac Straight Pixie

To stand out in the crowd, you need to not only think but also look different. As you might have guessed already, with pixies, every creative person can find the most accurate way to express their unique personalities. In case you’re in love with the latest purple hair trend, it can be a jaw-dropping complement to a pixie. Coupled with a game-changing asymmetry, these two will help you reach a new level with your style.

50.   Ice Blonde Side Swept Pixie

Another unusually amazing combination of color and cut that is going to become your obsession. And you know what? The best way to leave it is to yield to it during the next salon appointment. A pixie will give you the styling ease you’ve never had, while the icy blonde color will make you look like a fashion icon. Style this masterpiece to one side, giving it a carefree touch of a textured finish, and you’ll see how a pixie can change your style for the better.

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50 Popular Pixie Cut Looks 2020
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