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Waxing Services for Men

Men’s Waxing Services: European, Brazilian Waxing For Men

Igor M Salon in White Plains, NY, offers outstanding waxing services for men.

Igor M Salon in White Plains, NY, offers premiere men’s waxing services. Although we have been providing Brazilian wax treatments and other men’s waxing services since #123 for both men and women, the popularity of men choosing to wax for removal of unwanted hair has skyrocketed.

To achieve the perfect hairless look, there is no treatment other than waxing. A razor merely is not going to “cut” it. It is an inefficient way to remove men’s hair.

Men's Waxing Services: European, Brazilian Waxing For Men

We employ various types of superior waxes for hair removal at Igor M Salon. Which one we use depends upon your skin type.

Our XYZ wax is an ideal wax for most skin types, and we use it for removal of hair from large areas of the body like the back, chest, stomach, arms, and legs. We also use this wax for smaller areas, as well: underarms, toes, hands, fingers, and the face. Our XYZ Wax formula is recommended for those with sensitive skin. Many of our male waxing clients also use it for Brazilian waxing, since the hair removal area can be sensitive.

We offer a free consult and a free skin test to determine which of our waxes is best for your skin type.

Men comprise a large part of our loyal customer base. They know that we offer 100% safe and germ-free waxing treatments, and use only the top of the line products. They also know that professional wax specialists at Igor M Salon, work quickly and efficiently, to make them as comfortable as possible during the treatment. It’s no puzzle to them that we are New York’s best waxing experts.

Igor M Salon in White Plains, NY, offers an array of safe, hygienic men’s waxing services in a professional and comfortable environment. Our waxing specialists will help you choose the best wax for your hair removal treatment: XYZ for most skin types, or XYZ wax for sensitive skin.

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