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French Manicure

French Manicure Designs, Ideas From Experts

A french manicure at Igor M Salon is a full-service manicure that looks like a more polished and modern version of a fingernail’s natural coloring, with a pink or beige base and a lighter natural shade at the tips. Because of its polished yet natural look, french manicures are a popular choice among modern women.

Getting a french manicure at Igor M Salon is an experience in itself: a relaxing break from reality that results in a manicure fitting both classic and modern styles. Our clients leave with nails that they are eager to show off. You deserve the best: a beautiful manicure and a relaxing experience

French Manicure

Pink, Black, Acrylic, Ombre French Manicure at Igor M Salon

The French manicure is so popular that it is perceived by several names. Some manicurists call it french tips, pink and white, french nails, and other names. This timeless and classic manicure has been famous as long as manicures have existed and are a consistently stylish choice. While different types of manicure come in and out of style, the french manicure is classy and elegant in every setting and age.

French Manicure Nails Experts at Igor M Salon

There are a few qualities that make our manicurists and aestheticians better than the rest:

  • They pay attention to every detail you provide them regarding the service or process.
  • They are delicate and skilled with a variety of nail needs and types.
  • Our experienced manicurists shape nails and cuticles WITHOUT cutting.
  • They are friendly, personable, and maintain continuous conversation to understand your preferences better.

Our team is comprised of talented nail artists who possess all of these qualities.

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