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Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure: Volcano, Jelly, Pearl, Whale Spa Pedicure Near You

A Spa Pedicure is much like a regular pedicure. It’s a pedicure upgrade that leads to a more relaxing, pampering foot care experience. Your toes are going to make a statement whether your style is funky, artsy, or classically elegant.

Spa Pedicures exfoliate, removing dead cells & smoothing the surface of your skin. Plus, the moisturizing & massage actions hydrate your skin & stimulate blood flow. Spa Pedicure comes with additional services such as a relaxing foot soak, foot massage & scrub, hot towel rub, & paraffin wax dip. Nothing says relaxation like getting a full spa pedicure treatment.

At Igor M Salon, we invite you to kick up your heels, sink back into the folds of our super comfy pedicure chairs & leave the rest to us. Our professional team of estheticians first takes the time to learn about your concerns before beginning any treatment.

Spa Pedicure

Benefits of Igor’s Spa Pedicure

A pedicure does many things for your health, as well as to your minds.

When you relax back into a massaging chair during the spa pedicure process, you are unknowingly releasing endorphins in your brain that stimulate relaxation.

This stress reducing procedure makes you let go of some stress that dominates your lives without even realizing it!

Before our technician even begins our service, you are more relaxed, less stressed.

With the removal & scrubbing away of dead skin, we activate the regenerative properties of your body in producing more skin, which helps with elasticity.
The massage our technician gives you will last for days. Our technicians are trained to provide a massage that will help your stress level, as well as increase your circulation, promote elasticity, & ease muscle tension. Therefore, Igor’s Spa Pedicures are suitable for your whole body!

Our customers know that professional regular pedicure specialists at Igor M Salon, work quickly and efficiently, to make them as comfortable as possible during the treatment. It’s no puzzle to them that we are New York’s best regular pedicure experts.

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