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Polish Change

Nail Polish Change Experts: Dnd, Matte, Color, Gel Nail Polish

A nail polish change at Igor M Salon is a service that is amazingly affordable & can be described as a mini manicure. With a polish change, you get almost the same result as getting a full-priced manicure service. If you have a series of events coming up & have messed up your nails, believe us, this is the perfect fix.
All you have to do is to visit us personally or simply visit our website & book an appointment.

nail polish change
nail polish change

Nail Polish change on hands & feet

Don’t get confused as it is called polish change but can surpass a mini-manicure. We provide polish change for both hands & feet.

Have you neglected your toenails? Or do you think it is not that essential to take care of them as they are most of the time invisible because most of the time they are in your shoes?

But what about an impromptu sleepover or you just met this charming guy & he invites you to come to spend some time at the beach. Will you turn him down just because of your toenails? The answer is absolute No. So what’s the solution?
It’s very simple – Igor’s Polish Change Service.

What constitutes a Polish Change?

For a professional nail service at Igor M Salon, it includes the removal of the old nail polish, filings, cuticles & then repolishing your nail. It’s best to file your nails so that the clauses will be smoothened out. However, Igor’s beauticians exactly know what is best for you. Your nails are filed, shaped & then polished with whatever color of your choice & you are done.
That’s it, your polish change service does not take the whole day.

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