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34 s Lexington Ave White Plains, NY 10606, USA

A person is getting their nails done

Nail Services

Nail Services In White Plains, NY

When it comes to your hands and feet, let our specially trained staff at Igor M Salon melt your cares away by providing a relaxing and renewing experience you will not soon forget. So let us take your hands into our hands and your feet into, well, our hands. All treatments at our nail salon include a relaxing massage. Nail treatment at Igor M Salon helps prevent dry skin, reduces the chance of ingrown nails and softens rough edges. Our specialists at Igor M Salon can give you the manicure and pedicure to strengthen your nails and give them a healthy look.

A person is getting their nails done by someone else.
A person is getting their nails done

Feel the best Nail Services Experience at Igor M Salon

We at Igor M Salon know that posts like this exist and have been written about before, very well, it’s always useful to remind the public and ourselves what things mean when you walk into a salon and ask for a service. We hope to dispel myths, help to determine the best options, and create a dialogue between clients and nail techs about the valuable service we provide. As nail techs, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are licensed to care for our clients’ nails. That license represents our approval by the state we live in to perform nail services according to the state’s licensing requirements. Our licenses hanging on the wall represent the time we spent in nail or cosmetology school, learning nail anatomy, product chemistry, nail disorders, and the continuing quest to become the best nail professionals, nail caretakers, and nail geniuses we can be. Sometimes marketing & advertising of nail products can be confusing – even to us. We nail techs who eat, sleep and breathe new products, new techniques, and latest nail trends every day.

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